Inside the" Museu de la Mar de l'Ebre" Global development of "Museu de la Mar de l'Ebre" from Sant Carles de la Ràpita. Past, present and future of our land. Inside
the "Museu
de la Mar
de l'Ebre"
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The charm and mystique of Matarredona The old "Masia del Montsià" is at the center of the reactivation and experiential innovation project that we are implementing The charm and Mystique
of Matarredona
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"Polp i l'Arròs" (Octopus and rice) Gastro Days Graphic work for the Gastro Days in Sant Carles de la Ràpita "Polp i l'Arròs" (Octopus and Rice)
Gastro Days
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Natàlia Guart fashion design Fashion photography direction for the presentation of the new 2016 formal dress collection Natàlia Guart
fashion design
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"A good design starts by making questions, opening a conversation that tells us about the creative results and ends up with a striking and purposeful design. As designers we solve creative issues and we are driven to create perennial solutions. We approach our assignment with honesty and integrity, with sustainable and ethical judgement. Our passion, our urge for creative excellence and our attention to detail are the qualities that we strive for every day."

“Design is not just what is seen and felt”

Design is not just what is seen and felt. Design is how it works. "We offer a clean and functional design that uses the newest technology at its maximum capacity, the one that provides a great user experience. Our passion for design and technology ensures that each project we tackle is unique".

We create contemporary brand identities, packaging solutions and digital experiences for a broad range of top quality brands, ranging from public administration to recently created brands and companies. Our minimalistic style of design allows our clients to create clarity and to transform their brands into intercultural assets of great impact. This global appeal has allowed us to work for demanding clients in a broad range of sectors and geographic locations. Currently, we are working with organizations in London, Gran Canária and, mostly, Catalonia and Valencian Community, where we work to realize their strategic and creative ambitions.

conceptualization and strategy

Conceptualization is key to position projects at the highest level. Since we started our studio 16 years ago the blooming of branding and the media have made us rethink the best strategies to carry out the most effective campaigns and to obtain a real impact for our client's image among a swarm of inputs again and again.

This has made us evolve from design studio to creative lab, where we try to go beyond what our client asks of us and, through market research, impact and branding, establish the most effective actions to take to succeed on each project.

Plaça Carles III, 27 1-3
Sant Carles de la Ràpita
43540 Spain
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