Creative director: Sergi Roig
Art director: Cinta Montserrat
Animation and video Teaser 1 i 2: Sergi Roig

Comerç commercial:
Director and scriptwriter: Sergi Roig
Filming and post-production: Adrian Lazarean
Auxiliary cameras and ligthing:
Dani Dassoy, Andrei Moldovan
Actors: Xavier Chao, Dolors Ramon,
Andrei Moldovan, Daniela,
Merce Garcia & Mar Salvat

Promoted by:
Ajuntament de La Ràpita.

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Why is a city brand needed?


Nowadays the cities and towns are aware of the importance of defining how they want to be seen and they see the necessity of improving and taking advantage of their goods and resources. The brand is  a key in the differentiation strategy with other cities and places.

With the aim of being more competitive and of achieving a social, economic and territorial development, a strategic external and internal positioning is crucial.

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The brand is not just a logo with a slogan; a brand is a concept and visual map that creates emotions. It is the image with which the city is presented to the word and it has an influence over the society and the public.

Teaser 2, participative process

We created this video that shows the steps and examples of the participative process in order to invite the people to take part in it.
Our strong publicity campaign on the social media resulted in the participation of more than 4,000 locals of La Ràpita.

The citizen's participation process to create the image of the different areas of the city. Some postcards were delivered in various public spaces and schools along the city. The citizens had the opportunity to reflect their image of the city brand and its meaning for them.

Is there anything more representative from the city than its citizens and the way in which they perceive it?
In this project, we turned to the locals from La Rapita to create its city brand.

Compendium of the 4,000 proposals sent by the citizens of La Ràpita. After a selection process, some of them were the representative icons of the different areas of the city.

The tourism is the most visible part of a city brand, but the reputation and the values of the city brand have a great impact on its products, population, investment opportunities and external funding. A strong city brand can benefit the local government, by identifying, establishing and defining the active policies oriented to satisfy the needs of the different target groups.

Commercial Comerç La Ràpita

As part of the publicity campaign, we created a promotional video about the local commerce from la Ràpita with its new graphic image. The video brings together three parallel stories during a representative shopping day in La Rapita, which ends with an unexpected experience for the customers of the local commerce.

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