Director of the Marathon CD: Àngel Lacalle
Video director: Xavier Garasa
Musical director: Jordi Cubino
Creative director: Sergi Roig

With the support of:
Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat
de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
Parc Natural del Delta de l’Ebre.
Port de Tarragona.
Photography: Sergi Roig
Illustrations: Pau Ferrando

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In 2017, we had the honour and pleasure to take part in the development of the official video clip of the TV3 Marathon CD. It was an extensive work full of endless operations, but we did it with a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation. From the very first moment, we knew that this was an extraordinary opportunity for our region; the result of the efforts done during years by many institutions and companies to open Les Terres de l’Ebre to the world.

Since three years before, the willingness of the TV3 Marathon Direction was that the region of Les Terres de l’Ebre was the central image of this big event.
We want to thank the people from the TV3 Marathon direction, realization and production for believing in this project and for making it happen. We want to thank Francesc Vidal and Xavier Abril from the Natural Reserve of Delta de l’Ebre for their implication, understanding and for the facilities provided.

Another goal accomplished by a territory that is music and brightness.

Pastora Soler, David de Maria and the symphony orchestra of Corda and Cobla of Catalonia worked together to interpret “Música”, the opening song of the edition of the 2017 “El disc de La Marató”.

In the most difficult moments, there is always music. A company that never lets us alone. The one that takes us wherever we want to console us, encourage us or give us the necessary strength to move forward. This is the message from the theme “Música”, the great hit of the British singer John Miles, published in 1978.

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