Original idea: Roig Creatius
Creative direction: Sergi Roig
Promoted by: Regidoria d’Identitat Sant Carles de la Ràpita
Photography: Dani Dassoy
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Orígens is a tribute to the recently past of la Ràpita by highlighting its value, and reviving and recreating the past. It is the town’s history explained by the locals.

During one weekend, you can learn about the economic and social singularities of the 20th century city. Two social groups with their ways of life defined these singularities: the anglers and the peasants.

The mise-en-scene takes place in the Xicago neighbourhood, one of the city’s historical districts and the scenario of all the social and economic changes of La Ràpita. In the past, it was a vibrant neighbourhood but nowadays it is the home of an aged population and just some business are left. Orígens places value on this neighbourhood. It is the first step to reactivating the Xicago’s social life.

During three days, the neighbours of La Ràpita (organized in local associations or individually) participate in this activity by playing the anglers or peasants’ roles. The anglers and their families fix their fishing nets on the street or play the traditional games of “La Morra” and “El Buti” in the tavern, while the peasants arrive from the rice fields with their carriages or sew the broken sacs. The children play the traditional street game of “Les Birles”, doing races with their friends… A peculiar way of life reproduced in its own original scenario.

From the analysis of the opportunity to the execution

The development of our territory always has been a priority for our studio. With this in mind, 9 years ago, we intended to change the tourism model of La Ràpita through a qualitative change in the promotion and the deseasonalization of the tourism. Back then, we proposed the creation of Orígens, with the original name of “Festa del Mar”. This event could be a cultural tourist attraction in the off-peak season that prized the culture, traditions, society and products from our town. The different local legislatures shaped the project and finally they decided to develop it.

Orígens as a brand

Orígens is a unique and independent identity. It is a living organism, moving, feeding and growing. We created its brand concept in this way. The universal meaning of its name gives a mystical, absolute and immutable perception.

For the development of the logo, we synthetized the attributes of the name and it ended up with a circular design. The circle is considered as “everything”: the beginning, the sun, the ovum… Therefore, we perceive the letter “O” as the brand unification, with the detail of “La Punta de la Banya” as an allusion to the location and the native identity.

Once the main isotype was created, we defined an entire system to represent every thematic inside the circle. Symbolically everything occurs inside the “O” which means that everything is the visual origin of each element.

All photographs have been provided by Dani Dassoy.
Mama, I don’t want to work in the fields, I want to sew! Let me learn it! Some dressmakers teach it every afternoon. I will design patterns and I promise you that I will sew dresses for you and you will look amazing with them! And guess what? In sunny weather, they sew on the street!
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